Northwest Cascade partners with Washington’s Vocation Station

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Northwest Cascade partners with Washington’s Vocation Station

Northwest Cascade, home of FloHawks and Honey Bucket, is proud to partner with Washington’s Vocation Station to assist students entering the workforce.

The vast majority of management at Northwest Cascade started in entry level or production positions within the company. For example, our Vice President of FloHawks got his start washing and fueling trucks during the summer. Success at Northwest Cascade is based entirely on quality of work, dedication to the company, and having a passion for serving customers. This has cemented a culture that values hard work, results, and a “get it done” attitude over any credentials someone may have hanging on their wall. All of this makes a partnership with Vocation Station a natural fit for the company.

The goal of Vocation Station is to provide high school students a mentored path into the workforce. Vocation Station achieves this goal by working with employers to provide students in the Puget Sound area with the opportunity to explore career paths and become more confident about the hiring process. Employers working with Vocation Station have the opportunity to attend career day events, speak to students about opportunities in their industries, participate in mock interviews, and hire for real positions.

Northwest Cascade hopes to assist students with entering the workforce. The company also values continued education and offers qualified employees the opportunity to participate in their unique Lifelong Learning Program. This program allows employees to pursue nearly any educational experience (job related or not) and be reimbursed by the company. Northwest Cascade has assisted employees complete apprenticeship programs in various trades, obtain their CDLs, attend college, and earn post-graduate degrees. We have even had employees go to flight school and rodeo school!

Whether you’re a high school student hoping to enter the workforce, a college student coming home for summer break, or an experienced plumber, driver, or operator, Northwest Cascade has an opportunity for you.

If all this sounds appealing and you’re not a high school student, Northwest Cascade has a number of open positions suitable for individuals with more experience, and seasonal opportunities for college students returning home for summer break!

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