Leading the industry for years, Northwest Cascade proudly provides quality underground utility services to property owners, government agencies, cities, municipalities, and developers in Western Washington. We understand the importance of maintaining your project timeline and budget. That’s why our full-service utility operation hires professionally trained employees with a focus on safety and an eye for detail. Our work covers numerous service areas and it’s our priority to make the process easy.

Any contractor can install underground utilities, but in order to withstand the test of time, underground utilities need to be installed with laser accuracy.  Northwest Cascade has state-of-the-art equipment and proven knowledge to handle any underground utility or drainage project enables our pipe installation experts to deliver extraordinary results down to even the smallest detail.

We are among the most experienced and respected underground utility contractors in the Pacific Northwest. In our history, we have installed hundreds of miles of sewer, storm, and water pipes in sizes up to 98 inches in diameter and down to 35 feet in depth. Our crews are highly skilled in deep and complex installations and our clients enjoy the benefits of our insight and expertise during all phases of development.

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