Northwest Cascade's Canyon Pit

With competitive pricing and easy access to the freeway, Canyon Pit is an ideal location to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency for dumping excess material in the South Puget Sound.

Edgemont Jr. High School Sanitary Sewer Installation

The goal of this project was to upgrade and replace the existing onsite sewage system and install a new private sanitary sewer lift station facility..

4th Ave SW Road Improvement Project

The goal of this project was to upgrade and replace existing infrastructure for future expansion of affordable housing.

WSU Low Impact Development

The WSU Low Impact Development (LID) and Frontage Improvement Project provides economic development, environmental, water quality, and alternative transportation benefits while establishing the largest Low Impact Development demonstration site in the State of Washington.

Northwest Cascade built a cutting-edge stormwater facility that is also a beautiful park in the center of downtown Manchester, WA.