Top Three Reasons to Dump with Us:


24/7 Access

Class A Biosolids

Centrally located in your market

Let’s face it – the further you need to haul your waste, the more it will cost you. That’s where Northwest Cascade’s Wastewater Treatment Plant can help. Conveniently located just off Hwy 167 in Pacific, WA, it’s easy to get to no matter what the traffic situation is on the major highways. Get in and get out fast. Because we all know – time is money.


Northwest Cascade WTTP
251 Roy Road SW
Pacific, WA 98047

Open every day – 24/7

Schedule your dump runs at your convenience, not someone else’s. Northwest Cascade Wastwater Treatment Plant is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Your trucks are weighed on scales as they arrive and depart. Keypads lead the driver through an easy-to-follow process so they can leave the plant confidently, knowing their load was accurately measured and counted. The station can also handle two trucks simultaneously.

Environmentally safe Class A biosolids

We then treat the waste to remove pathogens and other contaminants. Then it goes through the dewatering and stabilization process until it emerges as a Class A biosolid. We then transport the biosolid for use as fertilizer or soil amendment on agricultural land, landscaping, reforestation, and such.

We are proud to be recognized by the King County Industrial Waste Department with its Gold Award. Its highest level of recognition for industrial wastewater dischargers that meet or exceed wastewater discharge permit requirements. This award is for providers who help protect public health and the environment by controlling the discharge of harmful substances that damage wastewater treatment infrastructure, degrade wastewater treatment, and reduce biosolids quality.

Who can use Northwest Cascade’s Wastewater Treatment Plant?

Any commercial company that has to dump septic or portable toilet material may use our facility. You will need to contact us to set up an account (which is a very easy process).
Please contact:
Greg Pace
Plant Manager

We currently do not allow private RV dumping at the plant. Please contact our other division – Honey Bucket Portable Restrooms, if you require this service.

Rates and Fees

Disposal RateCall UsWe weigh each load and charge per pound discharged. Please get in touch with us for current rates.
Annual Fee$0.00We do not charge an annual fee
Truck Fee$0.00We do not charge a per-truck fee
Set-up Fee$0.00We do not charge an initial set-up fee

How our wastewater treatment plant works